1. thanatos2k's Avatar
    I know from looking at the BB website that it is possible to use BES by connecting to a WiFi network when you have no carrier service, but does that include the initial provisioning of the device to BES?

    I'm adding BES to my Hosted Exchange setup, and I want to be able to test it without signing up for a whole new mobile plan since I'm still tied to my $&&*@*$ Touch Pro for another few months.

    So if I buy a used BBs on FleaBay that supports WiFi, could I just connect it to my home WiFi network and start testing my BES setup?

    Thanks for any advice, and please no flaming my P.O.S. WinMo device. I know. It Sucks. I use it (or try) daily...
    07-22-10 09:09 PM