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    I'm moving to Germany in a few months and I need be able to connect to a BES. I'll be getting a new phone / contract with a German carrier.

    In the US, I've always been able to just call the carrier (T-Mobile, AT&T, whoever) and add the option, usually $40 a month. Even when on a personal cell account that needed to connect to a BES.

    I called T-Mobile Germany and they have "Blackberry Solution", which is the BES option, but they only offer it to business cell accounts, and I will have a personal cell account. The rep said there was no way to connect to a BES without a business account.

    Before I call Vodafone, O2, EPlus, and whoever else, does anyone know if one of the German carriers has a BES plan for personal accounts?

    09-19-10 09:38 AM