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    We have issues now and then where someone's BB won't be syncing all the data. Might be nothing new comes in, might just be the calendar or contacts. Have a few question that I don't know since we've only been supporting BBs for a month or so...

    Our Outlook server is setup with a 250 meg limit on people's boxes. This is email, calendar, contacts, etc and recently increased from 125. Does the amount of data in Outlook affect syncing? Can the total size or each individual size be over a certain limit that the BB can't handle?

    At what point, if ever, would we need to clear out data from Outlook in order to make BES syncing work better?

    Is there information on specific phones and how much memory they have in them or can all BBs hold more than this?

    Anything else regarding the size of Outlook and if that affects the data syncing in any way?

    02-22-10 01:47 PM