1. vjose's Avatar
    HI.. Newbie..here.
    Running GroupWise 7.0.3 and BES 4.1.4
    Have 15 PostOffices setup in GroupWise. 7 Post Offices are having calendar sync issues to user's blackberry devices.

    BES has the following error:

    [34030] (05/16 11:32:59):{0x10c4} {0} {TestPR} ProcessNewUpdateDelete failed/ignored processing item APPOINTMENT

    Any thoughts/suggestions what would cause the problem?

    05-16-08 01:48 PM
  2. coreservices's Avatar
    Similar issue, GW 7.0.3 / BES 4.1.4 / BB8330 on Verizon

    Mail is fine.
    GroupWise client generated Appointments/Tasks/Notes all make it to BB, however deleting Appointments/Tasks/Notes from BB does not delete the objects in GroupWise data store. Equally, Appointments/Tasks/Notes (and MemoPad entires to become Posted Mail) that are created on BB never make it into the GroupWise data store.

    I wouldn't expect this to be a GW API issue, as we're able to operate successfully using Microsoft based smartphones with GMS. If its a BB/BES configuration tweak...haven't found it, open to suggestions.
    05-25-08 07:29 PM