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    Well I'm tossing this out there with a slim chance that someone knows why this would be happening. I low level wiped my Bold 9000, installed the latest official OS Everything works fine after the update including SMS inbound and outbound. I then run the Enterprise Activation to my BES and afterward SMS stops working.

    Under OS 4.6.x I never had this issue. The BES server I'm on is running ver. We have Bold 9700's that are running OS 5 on our BES without issue. I'm at a loss

    03-07-10 01:38 AM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Are you using a special theme. Themes will sometimes mess with the SMS.
    03-07-10 01:41 AM
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    You sure there's not a BES (IT) restriction on SMS that has somehow been created?

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    03-07-10 08:16 AM
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    I don't see how it could be the theme causing this. Like I said, SMS works until I do the activation. Also my work does not block SMS. I'm running 4.6 now and I'm connected to the BES; SMS works fine.
    03-07-10 10:28 AM
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    03-08-10 10:15 AM