1. Trickykid05's Avatar
    When i leave my Beejive on people still look signed on when they are really signed off. Am i even still connected at this point? Has anyone else noticed this?
    03-31-09 02:04 AM
  2. a_silent_song's Avatar
    I've noticed it; I have a friend on AIM who goes mobile when she signs off, and sometimes it will still show her as online until I send her a message, and then it updates her status. And a few times I've had it where someone was offline but was showing up as online thing. I've found it helps when you're not sure if someone is actually there to sign out and then back in; it seems to update their status then.

    This is a recent problem, too. I have no idea what's causing it, but it's got to be on BeeJive's end. :/

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    03-31-09 05:14 AM