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    I just received this:
    Dear BeamBerry Early Access Customer,

    BeamBerry Solutions, Inc. recently announced the release of BeamBerry 3.0 which marks a significant next step in the evolution of the BeamBerry viewer. The key new feature introduced in this release is the ability to view documents that are stored on memory card (e.g. SD card). BeamBerry 3.0 marks the termination of the Early Access program. The subscription price for the BeamBerry service will be $49.99 / year. For further details, please visit our website at bbeamberry.comc.

    If you wish to continue using BeamBerry, please download the new version OTA (using your BlackBerry) from bbeamberry.com/downloadc. Your current version of BeamBerry will work for another seven days. Thank you for being a valued customer.


    BeamBerry Team
    Can anyone suggest alternatives?
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    This is like deja vu!

    Repligo and Dynoplex offer alternatives. They are not free either.
    01-04-08 11:19 AM
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    This is like deja vu!
    Deja vu all over again...

    Actually, sometimes I post in 4 different BB places.
    What I really need is an overall forum viewer that will check all 4 for me...

    btw - Thanks for answering in both places.

    For extra credit, can you find the other 2 places? It should be easy since I keep my username the same everywhere I go.

    Maybe I should add an epilog to all 4 pointing to each other? I wonder if this would be better, you know, spreading the love, or would it be worse/confusing because people would be jumping between boards... hmmm.
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