1. lanerya2's Avatar
    I have a 8320 on Tmobile and sometimes have issues retrieving email when I turn on my wi-fi connection. The lag time on a test email I sent myself has been as long as 3hrs using gmail. I've tried switching the BBsmart connection to both BIS and TCP/IP. Do I need to have one or the other selected to retrieve email over UMA? Is there something I'm missing?
    05-01-08 11:03 PM
  2. eZainny's Avatar
    Hi lanerya2,

    BBSmart Email Viewer does not actually play a role in the sending or retrieving of emails on your BlackBerry. Rather, it's a plugin to enhance the appearance of emails that are already received; so it doesn't actually kick in and do anything until an email has already been received on your BlackBerry and is then opened.

    Your problem is therefore likely independent of BBSmart Email Viewer but to be honest I can't say what...Haven't played around with much with WiFi BlackBerries...

    Hopefully one of the CrackBerry forum guru's could be of more assistance
    05-02-08 02:06 AM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    ... sometimes have issues retrieving email when I turn on my wi-fi connection. ...

    Intermittent problems are among the toughest to diagnose.

    You mentioned BIS service with your carrier, that is the key to email delivery. If BIS is working correctly, you should be seeing near instant delivery after the 15 minute polling interval.

    I am presuming you are subscribed to H@H service, that enables UMA to use Wifi or carrier signal, depending on the relative signal strength. That should not impact your mail delivery, in fact, it is being delivered much faster then the carriers network can transmit.

    That brings us back to the intermittent nature of the problem. If your service has been good, odds are the geeks at the controls have done something and are working feverishly to restore service.
    05-02-08 10:23 AM