1. Jonathank's Avatar
    Why make a complete separate BBM and push it towards" business" "Government". Hasn't time already proven that " Business" people also like to send stickers and GIF. They pushed "Business" and people left for iPhone games because Apple understood people in the business sector still enjoy a few laughs. Why not jus make BBM more secure and rename it BBMe and still advertise it for governments. I never understood their logic. Keep ur business customers but add the consumers to the mix. It's not that hard because the hard part is the security and BlackBerry has already proven itself in that market. Now that BBM is gone what are your thoughts on the hardware aspect of things. Will this trend continue?
    06-17-19 06:18 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I never understood their logic.
    Money. You have two because consumers want everything for free, and Enterprise/Government will pay plus you get the chance to bundle it with other services. Offer a free consumer version, load it up with consumables, and capture some profit.

    Then you charge for the Enterprise/Government version with additional security enhancements because security is good and strip out the nonsense because Enterprise/Government want you working not playing games and sending stickers.

    Pretty basic principle but certainly flawed as you can tell by you know, the general consumer BBM no longer being around.
    06-17-19 06:30 PM

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