1. joniphil's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    At my work, we in management are all on BBM. One of my colleagues got a new phone, so I bought her z10 for my wife (Joni) . Now she is also on BBM, but I am her only contact, she is not part of my work discussions.

    I just did the BBM update yesterday, and I was going back on our HR chat and noticed that prior to February 6th Joni's profile and avatar picture is switched with the girl who's phone I bought. It's only in posts that she made prior to February 6th, which I assume is when she got a new phone.

    When I got the phone, I put a new SIM card in and did a factory reset. I don't understand how my wife can be showing up in my work BBM chats, can somebody please help with this?

    Thank you
    06-29-15 07:26 AM
  2. anon(9139985)'s Avatar
    She is showing in the chat because the pin stays the same. Are you saying your wife is still getting messages from the group?
    06-29-15 07:45 AM

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