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    I have tried today to play a BBCiPlayer programme on my 9900...only to be told that they no longer support OLD devices! I pay my license fee the same as the Apple users...so why leave us Blackberry users out again! The BB 9900 is not that old..it was (and still is in many countries ) the most up to date Blackberry out there!
    Here is the info I got when I tried to play programme from the iPlayer :-

    Why can I no longer use BBC iPlayer on my mobile phone?
    Over the last couple of years, the mobile phone market has significantly changed. Over 97% of BBC TV and radio programmes played on mobile phones and tablets are now either via Android, iOS devices (with almost 15 million iPlayer application installs) and the latest Blackberry operating system. This shift in the market has led us to review BBC iPlayer on mobiles.

    We aim to reach as many people as possible with a great BBC iPlayer experience, while delivering value for money for licence fee payers. However, while we can often use the same technologies to power a large number of devices, some older devices require specific implementations which have an on-going cost. Last week, these devices (listed below) accounted for less than 0.17% of total mobile iPlayer requests.

    Unfortunately, it is no longer cost effective to maintain BBC iPlayer on these older devices for an ever decreasing number of people. Therefore, with this in mind, we have decided to withdraw BBC iPlayer on older Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones.

    We do acknowledge that you may not be happy with this change, but hope that you understand the reason for withdrawing support for these devices.
    Devices no longer supported
    BlackBerry 8520 Nokia N85Samsung GT S8500
    BlackBerry 9300 Nokia N86Samsung S8000
    BlackBerry 9520 Nokia N95Samsung GT B5310
    BlackBerry 9700 Nokia N96Samsung GT S5620
    BlackBerry 9800 Nokia N97Samsung i8000
    BlackBerry 9900 Nokia N500Sony Ericsson C905
    HTC DiamondNokia N603Sony Ericsson U1i
    HTC Touch HDNokia N700Sony Ericsson U5i
    Nokia 5800Nokia N701Sony Ericsson U8i
    Nokia C7Nokia N808Sony Ericsson U10i
    Nokia E6Nokia X7Sony Ericsson W705
    Nokia E71Samsung SGH-i900*** *Sony Ericsson W715
    Nokia Maemo(N900)*****Samsung I8910Sony Ericsson W995
    Nokia N8Samsung I8510Sony Ericsson X1i

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    03-19-13 01:50 PM
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    That really shocks me that the 9900 would have less than 0.17% of the traffic to the mobile site.
    Maybe they're just doing away with anything that doesn't support flash?
    03-19-13 02:15 PM
  3. imz's Avatar
    Wow that's weird.

    Seems as though the 9900 is getting some right neglecting lately. Might need some Crackberry muscle to intervene here, the noise that was made when Youtube stopped working for the 9900 was rectified quite quickly, maybe its the same kind of bug/update/change Google made thats also been done by the BBC thats stopping video from working.

    It used to work perfectly fine before, no idea why they'd just pull support for it...
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    03-19-13 02:27 PM
  4. YorkieRay's Avatar
    Last night I was getting a message on my Z10 that Flash was needed to play the videos. When I checked, Flash was enabled on the browser.
    Today, BBC iPlayer is now playing again on the Z10, but it will not play on my old Torch 9800.
    03-19-13 02:49 PM
  5. loreburne's Avatar
    It really annoys me ...Its the same with Sky Go....I pay my Sky subscription...but Sky Go does not work on any of my Blackberry devices ( at least the BBCiPlayer still works on my Playbook!) Sky say they are not even going to develop an app ( the last time I asked) but Apple users seem to get all the attention! BBC say "Last week, these devices (listed below) accounted for less than 0.17% of total mobile iPlayer requests." So i wonder how many people percentage wise listened to the Shipping Forecast ? If it was 0.17% of listeners will they just abandon this as well?
    03-19-13 07:34 PM
  6. imz's Avatar
    Lately the BBC have just been pushing out repeats, before you knew they were repeats by looking at 'first broadcast', now they make enough changes to old programs that they are allowed to get away with as classing repeats as new!

    No wonder hardly any one uses iplayer

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-13 07:40 PM

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