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    For those who arent aware, the BBC iPlayer is a free application that lets you view all TV and radio shows broadcasted by the BBC over the last 7 days, for free of course. Its perfect for catching up on any shows or programmes that you missed, as well as for rewatching sporting events (although no one is going to want to rewatch Sundays World Cup disaster). The other great part about the BBC iPlayer is that it functions across so many different devices, including HDTVs, game consoles (the Nintendo Wii has already seen over 1 million BBC iPlayer downloads) and of course mobile phones. The iPlayer has been a big hit with the iPhone, but was not available as an official app (there are fully functional third-party solutions) for Android mobiles; this has now changed as of last week with a new mobile edition of the BBCs iPlayer.
    09-13-11 03:02 AM