02-14-11 09:31 PM
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    I use mine for business. Get a text copy it to calendar that gets synced to google. Cant live without it
    02-14-11 07:35 PM
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    You just made my point. All those phones follow the BB. None of those phones do anything that a blackberry can't. So if you wanted a BB with a phyiscal keyboard and you have a droid 2 then how is your want met?
    How is BIS unreliable? I live 30 miles out of town. I get every E-mail, txt, call, and post on crackberry. We don't have any DSL, wifi, or cable service in our area. If we want it the only way its getting here is by satalite. So really where is the unreliablity. If it got any more reliable it would bug me. My nephews and neices androids and iphones along with my wifes has shadey signal around here. Hmmmm.
    Mark if you want to respond just to the op there is pm. You posted in the public. You talk as if you don't use BB presenter there's no need in a BB. You tk like its wrong to want a BB. Well friend your posting in a BlackBerry forum where a lot of us want and love our BBs. I doubt many of us us a presenter.

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    I didn't make anyone's point. You asked for names of phones, because you probably didn't know that any existed, and now you're trying to save face.

    BIS is unreliable. BIS outtages happen all the time. It's not reliable and you can get you email just as fast and more reliable using Native Google Sync in Android or ActiveSync on Windows Phone 7/iOS. I've used all of these OSes. I know what I'm talking about, and you probably have very little real-world experience using an ActiveSync or Google Device for stuff that matters (i.e. Work, for example).

    The fact and the matter is that there are WP7 and Android devices with very good keyboards and saying something like "what if I want a physical keyboard" makes you look utterly clueless in the realm of this discussion.

    A keyboard is not a reason to get a blackberry. Perhaps if you want that specific TYPE of keyboard, but it never really was a reason to get a BB because there were always WM and Palm phones with decent keyboards on the market competing with them.

    Push email used to be a reason to get a blackberry, but that functionality has become staple among smartphones, and BIS is turning from a marvel of innovation into an achilles heel for RIM, IMO, because no other smartphones are dependent on middleware that routinely chokes up for their email delivery.

    Not to mention it makes blackberries incompatible with normal data plans, which makes it impossible to SIM swap from an Android/WM/iOS/WP7/Symbian device to a Blackberry unless you have a data plan specifically for blackberries (and some carriers will change you data plan transparently - some even extending you contract - when you put the SIM in another device).
    02-14-11 09:29 PM
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    Haha, outages affect the whole internet for me, and they're almost always due to lack of connectivity due to having a non-3G phone. BIS and GPRS don't mix very well in the UK. Also, you in particular forgot the HTC 7 Pro and HTC Desire Z.
    Yes they do.

    Yes, I know there are more phones, but I'm not here to list every manufacturer's QWERTY handset repetoire.

    Don't try and reason with them. They'll only fight back and back and back. Only way to have a chance at avoiding their superlative Anti-RIM agenda is to ignore them. However, my BlackBerry does everything I need it to, and more. And Android/iPhone don't interest me. Only phone that HAD any chance at me defecting from BB is WP7, but now after securing my future with RIM using BlackBerry Presenter and BlackBerry Stereo Gateway, and also having 97 BBM contacts, I've kinda secured my future with RIM. There is no way I could convert all 97 of those BBM contacts to PingChat!
    This goes both ways. It's also impossible to reason with many of the BB fanbois.

    Pot: Kettle!
    Kettle: What?
    Pot: You're black!
    Kettle: /facepalm
    02-14-11 09:31 PM
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