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    Hi Everyone,

    I didn't put this in the Blackberry Curve Forum because I don't think it's specific to my model of phone. Also, I have checked out other battery related threads but, my problem seems to be a bit different.

    My battery is losing charge at an alarming rate...about 5-10% an hour. It will charge however as soon as I unplug my phone, it starts to deplete. If I send a text message or two, it REALLY starts to deplete. I hardly use the phone during the day and have not added any new applications (I've had the same for over a year and a half....basically just facebook and soduko!)

    I did notice that the problem has started since my phone froze the other day and required a hard re-set. I've reset the phone before though, without a problem.

    I have replaced the battery with an actual Blackberry battery (not a cheap rip off) and it's still doing the same thing today. The guy at the Telus desk said the antenna may need to be re-sodered on the phone....

    Does anyone have any suggestions? My boyfriend is capable of making repairs to the phone if we know what the problem is. I have an extended warranty but, would still have to pay $150 for a replacement curve 8330 which I think is a bit ridiculous.

    Any suggestions appreciated!
    11-10-10 09:40 AM
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    Make sure you don't have an app running in the background causing the drain, if not you probably have a bad app or theme. Uninstall your most recent downloads and see if it helps.

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    11-10-10 09:46 AM
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    Since you're saying that you're sure about it not being an app, the antenna problem
    you're speaking of is what jumps out at me. If something with the antenna needs to
    be adjusted, that probably means that the phone is struggling in getting signal. The
    harder the phone has to work to maintain signal, the more battery it eats up.
    11-10-10 11:55 AM
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    what model phone, what carrier, and what os version do you have installed. i have a sprint 8530 and recently upgraded to .973. after the upgrade i have been having very similar issues to what you are describing. i started a thread in the curve section without much luck but it turns out we arent the only ones with the problem. i am trying to uninstall some of the apps i downloaded around the time of the upgrade to see if that helps. i wont know til tomorrow if it worked though. if anyone has a fix i would greatly appreciate it! as it stands i can get about 5 hours out of a full charge, maybe 6. i have checked and no apps running in the background and i spend my days in the same location and buildings that i did before the upgrade so i know its not that im in an area with weak signal. i used to get at least 15 hrs of use out of my device
    11-10-10 02:14 PM
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    ok well before my usual mid-day charge (due to my terrible battery life, phone usually dead by 3 oclock) i deleted all the newly installed apps that i installed around the time of the os update. no luck. charged around 2 oclock after all my deletions and phone is dead at 9:30. what should my next move be? im thinking backing up the phone, wiping it clean, and restoring it. do ya think this will fix it? i want to try all my options before i try to downgrade the os.
    11-10-10 08:45 PM