1. kitesurfer's Avatar
    I recently swithched from using a PPC to BB Curve after many years.

    Curious to know why users like the BB over the PPC. What makes it a better device?

    Why did you choose a BB rather than a PPC?
    What does the BB do that the PPC doesn't?

    I know this may start a battle of the devices or not.

    08-10-07 12:59 AM
  2. Fbrn's Avatar
    The Main reason for me is crashing. Personally I think you can do alot more with a ppc than a blackberry which I know is going to upset some people so realize this is just my opinion. I have had 3 different ppc and have spent over 200 in programs for them and yet I still went with a blackberry because it does not crash. My ppc crashed at least twice a day and usually when I was replying to a txt message or email. It would also crash if I received a message while I was on the phone. I also stored company sales info on it and when I was with a customer and they needed information I would have to reset my phone because it would crash on me.
    As far as the features of the blackberry I love the push features and the build quality is excellent. The speed could be a little better but you don't have to constantly monitor the memory and make sure programs are turned off like a ppc. It has several other features but none that the ppc don't have. Reliabilty is the most important thing to me.
    08-10-07 07:12 AM
  3. Trevor's Avatar
    One word, stability.
    08-10-07 08:37 AM