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    Sorry for the double posting - I did not realize there was a Bluetooth forum!

    Ok, so I love Ford's synch. I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred that is my mileage car (130k and going strong). I'm not buying a new ride anytime soon and wanted to invest in a good aftermarket double din radio setup that would allow bluetooth connectivity with my Tour.

    I bought the brand new Pioneer AVH-P3200BT that I saw at CES this year. The device is slick in every way, awesome unit for the price.

    I did the install, everything working, except the Tour only pairs as a phone. The radio is supposed to be AD2P compatible but the Tour (or my wife's 8350) will not connect for audio support.

    Now, I'm contemplating taking it all apart and sending back to Crutchfield (not a lot of help btw) and starting over.

    So my question to the forum - if you have a tour and stream music to a receiver in-car, what manufacturer/model do you have?

    I think its insane that $29 bluetooth headphones, or the BB Bluetooth gateway, or the Jabra speakerphone all connect as audio devices, yet a brand new 'state of the art' av receiver can't.
    02-22-10 02:27 PM
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    Exactly! If you bought it from crutchfield, I suggested you to call them up as they obviously had misadvertised this. I wasnt happy with mine too so i posted reviews below on other sites. Hope this helps your RMA process.

    Just got this unit after researching online and spent couple hundreds to install it. Somehow, the "Built-in bluetooth" is only working for mobile phone calling. It DOES NOT do Bluetooth audio streaming. I called Pioneer support and they said they were surprised when they got the unit themselves too figured that AVH-P3200BT is not as good as AVH-P3200DVD + Bluetooth Adaptor. Somehow, Bluetooth audio streaming is missing from this "Built-in bluetooth" function. Pioneer support warranty department said to me that it's not their fault about the unit as it's not defected. To me, I think it's their design flaw and their fault to not mention it in their product page. Pioneer, please put something like "Built in bluetooth not having full features as the add on bluetooth adaptor"!
    Also, Crutchfield misadvertised this unit to have Bluetooth Audio Streaming(Obviously, they were confused by pioneer too). Crutchfield then fixed the page but I am still able to find it from google cache. I took the screenshot just in case someone want to return their order and no proof on their misadvertise.
    Belows is what crutchfield took out from the page.
    "The AVH-P3200BT supports audio streaming as well. If your mobile device can store music files or stream on-line music sources, you can listen to them over your car stereo without the need for an inconvenient patch cord."
    02-23-10 12:37 PM
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    i have this same problem with the DEH-P7900BT, and curve 8530
    03-27-10 02:44 AM
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    i dont know how the bluetooth work in my bb i have other phones and i can easily use it.., i can send but i cannot recevied it says it locked by duh duh duh!

    any help?

    03-28-10 11:10 PM