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    does anyone else have a problem with the browser on the Style. my previous phone (curve) was great and performed like a normal computer. i have found that the style doesn't want to format pages for my device (brings up the magnifying glass icon) also, i have found on some pages, the "back" button doesnt want to work. i need to then go into the blackberry button hit "back". any help would be appreciated
    12-21-10 04:19 AM
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    You can hit Del, and it will act as the back key.

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    12-21-10 06:11 AM
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    The magnifying glass means you are in Page View. From your browser press Menu/Options/General Options and set Column View as your default. Backout and save. Under Browser Configurations uncheck the box for Supprt Javascript. Then check the box for "if required prompt" remember to save on backing out. . It should now look better and perform a little faster. If a page does require Javasripting to be active it should prompt you. Sites may come up th( require it, that won't prompt you. They will usually just reload the same page until you turn it on. Hope this helps.

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    12-21-10 08:18 AM