1. irpinia's Avatar
    hello...i shipped 2 blackberry storm 2 over sea in europe ...they are unlocked verizon phones
    they work ok with callings but they can't receive pic's on the texting ....
    and i was told that internet service is not possible due to difference in the paramiters
    the service provider is vodafone gsm ...

    is it possible to have this phones working with internet or at least have the pic's texting feature to work??

    also there is an other small issue (not important)

    the phone book was imported from the sim card to the phone with no problem
    but if you select a number (local) to call from the phone book the phone is dialing with the country code 001(USA) then the number
    in order to have speed dailing to call the right number you must put the european country code at the front of every number in the phone books in order to work
    or manually enter the phone number.......
    any solutions with this problems????thank you for your help.....Tony
    10-20-11 02:47 PM
  2. JayR2010's Avatar
    nooo,i dont think it will work,if you got at&t,sprint ect it probabally would of worked
    but VZW uses a diffrent anntenna system than all the other carriers
    10-20-11 05:10 PM