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    Anyone ever watch that show "Boss" on the STARZ network, created by Kelsey Gramar?

    It's a pretty cool show, but anyway, every 5 minutes there's a BB in the scene. Every phone has been a BB, except for those that are landlines. Granted, all BBs shown are OS6 legacy models - 9700/9780/9650. I mean I couldn't help but notice, even the subtle appearances it makes to the obvious BB standard ringtone that EVERY BB owner knows and immediately reacts to.

    Even in one of the scenes when Kelsey Gramar is talking to his daughter and the topic of communication comes up he says,

    "You stop by unannounced anytime. You can call me anytime. Or email. Or text message. I mean, I have a BlackBerry now, so we can communicate through the cyber world."

    I thought that was pretty cool

    It's as if RIM has product placement in that show or the directors just really like BB; or maybe they just understand the instant connotation a BB has in the govt/corp. realm.
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    America is the only struggling RIM market
    it is still the #1 used phone in Canada as well as Europe.

    It is also HUGE in Asia
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