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    BlackBerry should do like Apple does and push the updates out themselves instead of waiting on the carriers. I'm on 10.1.4285 and must say that there is nothing wrong with this Update. By blackberry taking charge of the updates, we would see more frequent updates that makes BB10 a better product. The carriers themselves are hurting BB10's future by waiting to push out updates. Verizon, AT&T which are US carriers are guilty of holding up updates. Its been 3 months and Verizon still hasn't released an update for the BB10 phones. Representatives of Verizon state that the OS's that blackberry has released to them aren't stable or good enough. I have to disagree. I've took the plunge like most of the people in this forum and auto loaded 10.1.2009 and ran that for a month and loved it. Ran better than the version Verizon currently has available. Then I auto loaded 10.1.4285 and still am impressed with the leaked OS'S. Still have no issues with the leak.... My point being is that carriers wont focus on just blackberry, they will not dedicate a team to work on updates for the blackberry phones because blackberry isn't the top dog. Its not a priority for the carriers but for blackberry it will be a priority . It works for Apple, it should work for BlackBerry. Anyone??

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    06-23-13 11:01 AM
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    This discussion will have greater informative value if it's prefaced with a detailed and fact based explanation as to why the current arrangement is in place - whatever that arrangement may be. Absent that information, I think you're likely to get little more than conspiracy theories, borne out of anger and frustration.

    Don't get me wrong - those can be entertaining, but they can sometimes go way off course.
    06-23-13 11:19 AM
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    Here's the thing that people don't seem to understand:

    When Apple came out with the iPhone, they were available on one carrier, AT&T. Apple said "Hey, we'll take care of all the update testing and stuff since you're the only ones we need to make sure the phone works for." AT&T thought that made sense. If the phone didn't work, it was Apple on the line since all of the other devices on AT&T Worked and people would see that. So they allowed it. Then came the popularity.

    Soon every carrier wanted a piece if the apple pie and apple found themselves in a position of power since it was carriers wanting their product, not apple wanting their product on the carrier.

    With the small power position and the huge global carrier rollout that BlackBerry has done, they can't force anyone to do anything. People think things are just so easy and say "oh, they should just tell the carriers that they no longer get to test the software," but there's a lot the goes into selling a device.

    What I actually thought BlackBerry should have done is come out with a feature complete OS and drop the device on one carrier in each major area. If they had done that with the Z then yeah, you'd have a ton of upset BlackBerry loyalists, but with a good device, you also start to build demand, and when there is demand for something you want, there is power.

    BlackBerry has neither the demand nor the power to force anyone's hand into anything right now, and realistically may never have that power.

    I do think that since the radio files and the OS itself are separate, there may come a time when they can stop updating the radio section and just get the OS updates pushed OTA much faster than before. The carriers are much more concerned with the radio code than that of the OS. Take the 10.2 leaks for example. I'm running. 228 and the. 340 radio, and still don't have working BT headset operation. It worked fine in the 10.1 builds, but it's broken in the 10.2 stuff. Hence the need for carrier testing to make sure that all upgrades to the radio files work on the towers.

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    06-23-13 11:22 AM
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    While I agree it could be much better, it could also be MUCH worse. BBOS upgrades are an example of how bad it could be. Also, Android updates also seem to be horrendous as well. I'm with Bell, so I can't complain and am surprised that the upgrade was available right away.

    That being said, I'm sure BlackBerry is working hard to improve this issue, just like they want to avoid delays in having devices available.

    As has been said, we don't necessarily know WHY the delay. Are there issues on the AT&T and Verizon networks?

    All that to say, I do hope it gets better. But, it could be way worse. With 10.2 just think about how more % of BlackBerry 10 users will have a newer version of Android than most Android phones.

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    06-23-13 11:41 AM
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    I really don't know the in's and out's of releasing OS updates on the carrier side but it seems that it could have been better managed. The whole embarrassment of the AT@T debacle is telling to me it shows that someone is not ready to play in the major leagues. I don't know if BB messed up the early out or AT@T. If it was BB it was a bush move that upset a lot of people. I am on Verizon and just gave up waiting and downloaded Radio 1881 I have been doing this for 12 years with BB and VZW
    06-23-13 11:50 AM
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    My comments are based on history and facts. I spoke with a tier two rep at Verizon who said and I will quote "The OS update that they received from blackberry had flaws that would damage the phone and that's why we haven't released it and are currently waiting on the new10.1 release" now that release was 10.1.2009. And that conversation was two days after blackberry showed off 10.1 at americas if I'm not mistaken. By blackberry controlling the updates instead of the carriers, we would see more frequent updates and possibly better ones. I've had android and waiting on updates from Verizon for these devices is like waiting for the second coming. And for what, so Verizon can put their bloatware on the phones. BlackBerry can't force any carrier just as much as apple could not either but history does prove that apples control of updates has benefited apple and it's users a great deal and it's hurt android, windows phones and bkackberry. Don't believe me... look at android phones that are stuck on 4.1.1 and blackberry that is still stuck on Verizon 10.0.9....

    BlackBerry should hold the raines for the updates. Its their OS and their hardware and no carrier would know it better then them. Sorry...

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    06-23-13 12:03 PM
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    Also, if I seem frustrated it's because Verizon should be held accountable when their users lose out on a sale of an app that would be on sale for .99 cents but will go up in price after the sale to almost $10.00 because the users are stuck on 10.0.9... and said apps only work on OS'S that are 10.1. If blackberry releases an update to a carrier to.push to the phones but the carrier holds said update up for testing. BlackBerry already tested the OS and deployed it. Why would carriers need to test it more unless the real reason for delays are because carriers want to put their bloatware on the device and their bloatware runs into problems with the OS.

    Lol at AT&T who just released 10.1.2006... are you kidding. the leaked versions are in the high 10.1. 4.... already. it doesn't make sense to me and maybe it never will. I just know that blackberry isn't a priority to carriers here in the USA and because of this, blackberry isn't doing well as it should.

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    06-23-13 12:12 PM
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    perhaps it would be possible for blackberry to still go through carriers (updates) but also push an optional bypass to the latest upgrade to the phones directly with disclaimers that the carrier isnt responsible for any problems and users install at their own risk as its a direct blackberry upgrade. obviously i have no idea if thatd mess up peoples phones but surely if the carrier version was pushed through the user could downgrade back to it if they prefered
    06-23-13 12:23 PM
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    The carriers supposedly have to test new OSs because of changes to the radio file. The ability for BB10 to do delta updates was suppose to bypass the need for carriers to do their testing, but I'm not sure why it wasn't implemented.
    06-23-13 12:36 PM
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    Maybe with 10.2 the will implement Delta updates cause waiting on carriers is horrible.

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    06-23-13 02:11 PM
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    I've updated my OS a couple of times since I got this awesome device. But to this date, I have never seen the Z10, Q10 or any BB10 device in my Network Service Provider download site. I just assumed the update cam from BlackBerry.

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    06-23-13 02:22 PM
  12. edu3110's Avatar
    I agree with the OP.

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    06-23-13 02:24 PM
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    perhaps it would be possible for blackberry to still go through carriers (updates) but also push an optional bypass to the latest upgrade to the phones directly with disclaimers that the carrier isnt responsible for any problems and users install at their own risk as its a direct blackberry upgrade. obviously i have no idea if thatd mess up peoples phones but surely if the carrier version was pushed through the user could downgrade back to it if they prefered
    That's great idea, but the problem is, people won't pay attention to the "carrier not responsible" part, and they'll be calling tech support for any issues. At that point, the carrier has huge headaches either giving the support they can, or saying "sorry about your luck, should've read those terms more carefully." Especially if the issue was something like higher data consumption due to a problem in the software, which could cause billing issues.

    There's also the issue that that testing makes sure the software doesn't cause network issues, which those conditional terms wouldn't address, and could affect everyone on the network, not just the ones using that paticular software.

    The best way to fix this would be for BB to just sell sim unlocked handsets direct, for the people that want immediate updates.
    06-23-13 02:44 PM
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    I am impressed with the number of "leak" operating systems that are showing up here on CB. I don't understand if they are leaks that BB allows to become public as a way to offset the slowness of the carriers or things that other high tech individuals put together. I was fortunate to get the AT&T update before it was pulled. I know once the 10.2 is out and has been shown to be error free then i think everyone on AT&T should load it unless our carrier has given us better communication than what they are doing now.

    I thought I had read here in CB months ago that BB was going to release updates over the air and let radio stacks be released by the carriers. So, I do not know if the carriers killed that idea or if it was just a rumor here on CB
    06-23-13 06:31 PM
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    See what I mean, Verizon still hasn't released the update for what ever reason. I'm running a leak for some time now and still haven't had any issues. Verizon is the problem and blackberry needs to step In And take Con trol of all updates for every carrier just like apple does.

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    07-03-13 09:39 AM

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