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    Ok, This was a nice feature. Somehow I had a duplicate recurring meeting on my Bold. Only 1 meeting was in outlook but 2 on the BB. No biggie I thinks to myself, I delete one of the meetings from my BB. I then start getting all of these out of office replies from people and look and see that for some reason my BB decided to send a meeting cancelation to ALL attendees, WTF! Didnt ask me, I didnt tell it to, just did it, thank you very much!! mia Culpa email sent out to everyone, now I am listening to all of the crap why IPhones are better, yada yada yada

    So any ideas on what to do to stop this from ever happening again? I have seen posts on this same item but they all seem to be related to using Google Sync, but I am not using it. For the record BB Bold 9000 and BIS.
    04-08-10 02:19 PM
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    Wow that's some bad news doc.

    Idk have a clue though lol, maybe RIM doesn't like you and was remote controlling your bold? hahaha

    Sorry to hear that tho
    04-08-10 02:38 PM
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    Yea Thank you sir may I have another
    04-08-10 03:35 PM
  4. skidroe's Avatar
    Noone has anyideas?
    04-09-10 06:44 AM
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    Could it have been on multiple calendars on your BB?

    My thinking is that one appointment (with contacts) was in one calendar, and the duplicate was showing up in a second calendar (possible if you have multiple e-mail addresses, facebook, or BBM groups). Possibly if you deleted the other entry instead, it might not have sent the cancellation notices.

    A couple things to check would be to make sure each calendar (in calendar's options) is set to a different color. That way, they will show up with different backgrounds when looking at the calendar. Also, make sure your main calendar is set to be the default.

    The other thing would be to check both calendar entries before deleting. Possibly one didn't have attendees listed and the other did.

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    04-10-10 07:10 AM