1. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    Well, just getting ready to fly back home to Kentucky after two weeks in Maryland.

    Interestingly, the BB really came in handy twice.

    The first time was when I was trying to navigate to my girl friends house using a Garmin Nuvi (spelling?) in the car I was driving. It decided to route me in a small circle back and forth through the Baltimore harbor tunnel. Luckily, I picked up on this before passing the last exit back to the tunnel, and whipped out my trusty Blackberry 8820 with TelNav.

    TelNav quickly found me, and provided me the correct route saving me two more tunnel charges and a lot of lost time!

    Later, I was out with relatives, with no idea of the roads here when I was tasked with picking up another relative from the airport. Once again, I whipped out the Blackberry and TelNav, and effortlessly found my way to and from the airport.

    An old girl friend from years ago invited me to dinner, and simply gave me her address, and once again I navigated there effortlessly. Funny thing was, I got to her door (with no address showing), rang the bell and no one answered. So, I had no idea if I was at the right location, till she shortly walked out calling me on her cell phone. I had gone to the right door, she just hadn't heard me ring the bell. =)

    Anyway, after a funeral and a nice break I'm back to Kentucky.

    09-01-08 08:39 PM
  2. jimmers's Avatar
    Gotta love the BB and TeleNav! Glad you made it home.
    09-01-08 08:56 PM