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    Hi folks. I just posted this on Blackberry.com forums as well, so in case you see it there...

    I have searched for this all morning, but cannot seem to find this specific problem.

    I recently bought a BB Bold 9000 after having used a Curve 8310 for the last two years. Love it and I know my way around it fairly well. I woke up this morning to my usual alarm clock notifier, (one of the Stewart Copeland ones). After that, I heard an unusual single note piano sound from my phone. It was a notifier that I found was somehow now linked to my Blackberry push email account. I went into that particular profile and attempted to change it back, but now when the drop down list of ring tones and notifiers open up, even one I hover over produces the same one-tone ding-ding-ding piano sound notifier and not the variety of BB sounds that come loaded on the phone. It seems to now do this for all profiles, as well as all functions. My wife phoned me to see if the phone ringtone was intact and it was. However, her ringtone is a custom tone.

    Help! How do I get my sounds back? Are they corrupted, or is this just the case of a glitch? I have the 4.6OS loaded. I have already attempted a battery pull, but to no avail.
    09-27-10 12:19 PM