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    Hey crackberry users. I'm back to blackberry. I had left to droid but gave up it as the phone and verizon don't work for me. *hard to believe but its true* so here's where my issue is me and my wife have a Boost Mobile 8530. And our home wifi isn't working with the BB. My laptops work. Ps3 and wii all work. My router I have at home is a netgear rangemax N150 N-router. I currently have the settings set to channel 11 and secuirty settings at TKIP + AES. But I'm always dropping it. It shows connected 1 minute then dropped next. And my web just stops. Doesn't even transfer over from web to EVDO smoothly. Anybody here have any clue to help me. I really want it to work and not have to buy another router.

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    01-15-11 11:50 PM