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    hey folks, great forum, i'm in norway with an unlocked verizon bb 8830 WE. I've got the voice and text up and running but i can't get on the internet/browser on the phone and i can't tether it. I've got a telenor policy that should allow both.

    the browswer icon is hidden but through the change application function i can find it but then i get the following message: "Your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries. Please contact your service provider to enable browser on your phone". I have registered the host routing table.

    It also will not tether. I've just updated the OS on the phone and have just downloaded the latest BB manager on the laptop and telenor isn't an option for carriers. It will allow me to set up a custom connection but i don't know what to put for the following: Profile Name, Username, Password, Access Point, and Additional Commands.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It sounds like tech support might be able to help but they're closed till monday!
    07-31-10 03:48 AM
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    You have received a PM.
    07-31-10 07:02 PM
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    I just settled down in Stavanger and got my new phone number from Telenor... I have a unlocked Curve 8520 which I bought in Singapore. I'm from Venezuela so I used to have my BB set up with Movistar (national carrier) and everything worked just fine.
    Now I have EDGE but still can't use BBMMS or any other app that needs data connection. I called Telenor and they said that with my subscription I should be able to use the data but they didn't really know anything about Blackberry so it wasn't really helpful.
    So, have you managed to use the phone fully? Is it possible? Because at the end, the best answer I've got is "buy another phone"

    08-28-10 09:39 AM