1. OhGod424's Avatar
    A friend recently changed their BB and since they did not have a backup of their contacts, added me to their BBM contacs again using their new PIN.
    But when I confirmed their request, it still kept on showing the contact as "Pending for Authorization".....Since this person is not very good at English and couldn't figure out my instruction, I had to ask them to delete me from their contacts; then i re-installed BBM on my Storm 9500 and then added them again. Now they are on my contacts but whenever we send IMs to each other, they're just not delivered. My emails to this contact get there faster, but the IMs we send each other just get lost in transit!
    Any ideas on why this could be happening and also any possible suggestions to over come this hitch?
    Also...don't know if it matters but this is an overseas contact, I don't have this kind of problem with any of my local BBM contacts.


    04-27-10 05:44 AM
  2. flexsingh's Avatar
    similar thing happened to me when i first got my 9700. Eventually I deleted the other contact and they deleted me off the bbm list. Did battery pull. Re added, re accepted and left it. Then been fine since
    10-02-10 03:12 PM