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    i am having some issues with my Curve 8530. First of all, if I go to the App World website to download an app, all of the apps say they are not available for my device, country or carrier combination. I noticed for some reason the carrier field is blank. How do I update this? I am using Virgin Mobile USA. Also, every time I connect my BB to my computer, it says something about the memory card's content rights do not match the device, I don't have encryption enabled, and this is a brand new device, I never used this media card in another BB. How do I fix this, I tried formatting the card, and that did not fix it. Also, using the app world web plugin, when I connect my BB to use it, the plugin has an error, and it says something like content protection maybe causing the issue, and my device cannot connect. How do I turn off content protection on OS 5?
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    Was I supposed to set anything up with VM USA to get BIS? They didn't say anything about it. They said just make an account, activate your phone, and then it just works. I am posting this from my BB, so I do have BIS. When I added my GMail account it automatically set up BIS it said. It also said something about a username and password, but I never got one for BIS, but I did make a BB Id for the app world. I also can get push email and can access the app world on my BB so BIS must be working. Amy app world is being really slow though. I don't know if it is RIM just having a temporary issue or not.

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    I found out that my app world was not working because my wifi was flaky and kept disconnecting. I think the reason my carrier filed is blank on the App World site is because I created the BB ID over wifi, and the BB was linked to the account over wifi. How do I re-link the BB to my BB ID over cellular?
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