1. dtohivsky's Avatar
    I did a search but couldn't find anything specific. Sorry if this is a repeat...

    I have a Samsung Note 9 and have BB Hub on my phone. I have 3 email accounts on it, outlook, gmail, and hotmail. I can receive emails but am unable to send or delete messages. Deleting looks like it has deleted the message but in my outlook client on the phone it stays.

    I've deleted and recreated the 3 email accounts but no change.

    10-17-18 12:04 PM
  2. dtohivsky's Avatar
    Found something in another post (always that way....find what you are looking for after posting a question) that seems to have worked for Outlook :
    Type in your outlook email adress and hit "Manual Setup"
    Chose "IMAP"
    Type in your password.
    Under Server, type the server "imap-mail.outlook.com"
    Port: 993
    Security: SSL/TLS
    Hit "NEXT"
    On the next screen, under SMTP Server: Delete what it has and add "smtp-mail.outlook.com"
    Port: 587
    Security: STARTTS (accept all certificates)
    Hit Next.
    Customize your settings
    10-17-18 12:23 PM
  3. dtohivsky's Avatar
    Nevermind.....fixed it.
    10-17-18 12:44 PM
  4. SalMan50's Avatar
    hey there, I'm having the same issue. is your instructions posted what cured your situation? Thanks
    11-18-18 03:46 AM

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