1. Drayk's Avatar
    Not sure how many crack heads will relate to this but....
    I'm a tennis junkie as well as a berryjunkie. I watch the tennis channel and they do a little thing called "Bag Check" where pro's are isolated and tell you what they carry in their tennis bag.
    I'm actually surprised at how many players still carry blackberry's.
    A couple players are crackheads because they go out of there way to say...."my bb is the only way"
    Just thought I'd toss that out there.
    BB is coming back!!! I hope I'm not shooting my foot off but....I'm telling anyone that'll listen..."next year at this time, BB will change the way a smart phone is used"....I hope I'm right!!!
    I'm out........
    04-16-12 09:22 AM
  2. wuulfy's Avatar
    crack heads? Dont they do random drug tests in tennis?
    04-16-12 09:29 AM
  3. _MissV_'s Avatar
    crack heads? Dont they do random drug tests in tennis?
    LOL, I'm sure the 'crackhead' is in regards to BlackBerry = CrackBerry; BlackBerry addits = CrackBerry addits.
    04-16-12 10:22 AM
  4. DocDRM's Avatar
    Tennis junkie here, too - play and watch!! USTA 3.5, give me singles because I like the BATTLE.

    Have often wanted to get Bag Check tied in to CrackBerry's Celebrity Sightings feature, as many of the players do go out of their way to single out their BlackBerry. Keep in mind, these players are all over the globe, and use their phones for a lot of social networking updates.

    One day, bored and needing my BB/CB fix, I went to the Tennis Channel site and watched all the Bag Checks looking for BB users - there were a LOT. Have the info somewhere, maybe bookmarked . . . .

    Anyway, tennis anyone? VAMOS!
    04-16-12 10:30 AM
  5. soogriff's Avatar
    Tennis is awesome. Oh, and so are bb's.
    04-16-12 10:58 AM