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    Hi Everyone

    I currently own a BB Curve 8310
    and its time to upgrade with ATT

    Can someone tell me the difference between the
    BB BOLD & the BB BOLD 9700
    I found on Wal-Mart.com the Bold is FREE
    and THE bold 9700 is only 49.99 both with Free activation

    I do like how the 8310 feel & handles but its about 2 yrs old
    I use my BB for mostly personal email..Would like to be able to log into
    my companys exch email server
    Should I upgrade or stay with the 8310 for now

    Any suggestions?

    11-29-09 11:12 AM
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    I forgot to attach the link for Walmart.com

    walmart.letstalk.com/product/browse.htm?pgId=100&serviceCorpId=596]AT&T Cell Phones[/url]

    Also its thru LetsTalk any Rants or Raves going thru this company?
    11-29-09 11:22 AM
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    Main differences between the 9000 and 9700 are:

    1. Higher quality camera with autofocus on the 9700.
    2. Trackpad on the 9700 versus trackball on the 9000.
    3. Slightly higher resolution display on the 9700.
    4. Much longer lasting battery on the 9700.
    5. More application memory on the 9700 (256MB vs 128MB).
    6. More internal storage on the 9000 (1GB vs 256MB).

    There are a few more such as support for newer Bluetooth specification on the 9700 (v2.1 versus v2.0) and WiFi 802.11a support on the 9000, however those are useful only on special occasions and won't affect the average consumer.

    A few things to note though:

    1. Whether higher quality camera or not, you'll not be able to shoot video at anything higher than 240x180 resolution, which will provide you with very bad quality video. Therefore a BlackBerry with camera is only useful for still picture shooting. Both have flash, but the 9700 has autofocus. While autofocus will greatly help to make better images, the process to take a picture is very slow and lags quite a bit so that it's hard to take a picture of any moving object. 9000 has a 2.0 Megapixel camera, however to break this myth once and for all, camera quality is NOT judged by Megapixels. I will honestly say the 9700 has a higher quality camera, however with good lighting you can take a picture with either Bold and have almost identical quality in the final picture.

    2. While the trackpad is excellent for being maintenance-free, a trackball is not as problematic as many people make it look like. Many enthusiast will agree the trackball has higher precision, but the trackpad is smoother to operate. Mind you some have reported that on sunny days the trackpad loses much of its accuracy and is so probably not as usable as the trackball on some occasions. My tip, keep a trackball clean and it'll last. You'll like either one, but personally I would lean towards the trackball.

    3. Although the 9700 has a slightly higher resolution display than the 9000 (480x360 vs 480x320), the display on the 9000 uses more real estate and is so physically larger. Both displays are of very high quality and will look crisp and bright, but many enthusiasts will agree that the 9000 has a more solid display than the 9700.

    4. This one is no competition. Battery life on the 9700 is awesome, anyone here at CrackBerry can verify this. However this does not mean the 9000 has an inferior battery to the 9700. Both devices have excellent batteries, but the 9700 is much better for heavy media use or long talking. Keep in mind if you don't travel around much for instance, the difference in battery life might not be as significant. My tip with both devices, make sure to have a fully charged spare battery in your other pocket; you'll never know.

    5. With 256MB of application memory on the 9700, twice as much applications would fit on it compared to the 9000 (at least in theory). Application memory is one of the more critical components of a BlackBerry as the firmware and applications are all loaded on it. While 128MB might seem small, think of your current situation with the 8310. Most BlackBerry applications are a few hundred Kilobytes anyway with a few rare exceptions going as high as 1MB. Having said this while one might feel more comfortable with 256MB of application memory, 128MB is more than adequate for the average BlackBerry user. I've seen only few people with BlackBerrys fully loaded with applications; personally I use only three or four applications the most and have a few others handy "just in case". Depending on your usage patterns (if you like to try out different applications for instance) it might be better to go with the 9700, however most users will be happy with "only" the 128MB the 9000 can deliver. (Mind you I have a Curve 8900 with 256MB application memory, of which more than 150MB is free).

    6. Where the 9000 fell a bit short (read: application memory), it will rule the streets with internal storage. Although not anymore the highest available on a BlackBerry (bested by the Storm2 with 2GB), 1GB is much considering the application for a BlackBerry. Most users are not that into music and video and usually have a separate iPod Touch or similar for that. However, where I see internal storage excel is for back up purposes. Think of it like this: have a high capacity Media Card loaded for all documents and media files, but copy only the most important to the internal storage of the 9000 to protect them from getting corrupted and let's be honest, a MicroSD won't last much. This does not mean the internal storage is indestructible, but it is one other place to keep a copy of important data and 1GB is more than enough for most people. 256MB can feel very limiting here, I can tell from personal experience with my Curve 8900. Another thing to note, the internal storage of the 9000 is in most occasions much faster than MicroSD input/output (documents and the like will open up a bit faster than from the Media Card).

    Bottom line, whichever you choose, both devices are excellent performers and have their highs and lows. Something I did not even talk about is the overall size of each device and depending on what you are comfortable with, maybe the larger size of the 9000 feels better in your hand and maybe you'll be more comfortable with the larger keyboard of the 9000.

    Personally I would go for the 9000, if only for the physically larger display. Hope this helps.

    - shinkodachi
    11-29-09 11:48 AM