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    So decided I'm taking the Epic back and getting a Bold 9650. Was also planning on getting an iPod Touch, but realize there is no way to tether the Blackberry to the Touch. But what about tethering the Bold to an HP iPaq PDA? Everything I found searching was referring to tethering to a laptop, but what about a Windows PDA?
    09-28-10 12:02 AM
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    I am wondering and am going to try it later, can you tether your BlackBerry to a wireless router, which would then give you internet for your Ipod Touch? The Touch requires a wireless internet connection to get internet, or at least the 1G version I have does. I would think that your Bold 9650 tethered to the Touch itself would not work because the Touch has a wireless card built in and can not get internet without going through a wireless connection. I have the Tour 9630, so I don't know if the Bold 9650 can be set up as a Hotspot to act like your wireless router. It may be possible to do so with phones like the Verizon Droid X and later models that have the Hotspot option. But I think you have to use a wireless router if you don't have Hotspot capability on your phone.

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    09-28-10 01:28 PM