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    I have the BlackBerry Bold 9930, when I connect my charger the icon indicates that it is plugged in, but the lightning bolt that indicates that it is charging is does not appear. Every now and then a message pops up that says, "Your USB cannot charge this device".. something along those lines. I've tried multiple outlets in my house, different chargers and tried to charge it by connecting it to my computer, Nothing. Now, my phone is dead and when I plug it in, the red LED light is on, but I don't think its working. I had the same problem a few months ago, I took it to Verizon and the guy said my all I had to do was pull the battery. A few weeks later, the red LED stayed on and wouldn't hold a charge so the Verizon people sent me a replacement phone. Has this happened to anyone else??
    03-29-12 12:38 PM