1. alextop30's Avatar
    Here is the problem which may decide whether I am going to return the blackberry. For the first 2 weeks I used it exclusively on my home network which is AT&T fiber optics (12 meg/s) with a wireless gateway of 2wire for at&t TV. It worked very good. But now that I am within the 3rd week of using it and connected it to my school email I am having huge problems with the home network. I usually turn off the wifi when I am in the car because it is pointless for it to be wasting my battery when I have no network to connect to. So here is the deal. I turn on the wifi it shows my network in the box but - there is no check mark. When I go to the diagnostics page it says that network has been acquired however the wifi icon is still dimmed meaning it is not using wifi. After I erase the profile and than reconnect it - it works fine for about 5 minutes and than we go back into the same cycle of loosing the wifi randomly while I am not using the BB. It is getting to a ridiculous point because I cannot use my wireless network to browse pages but instead I have to play with the wifi settings for hours and never get them to work. By the way I did read some forums that looked like my problem and I do not have the wifi preferred feature under network settings.

    I am hoping you guys have some helpful tips otherwise At&t will take back their phone so fast that they would not know what hit them. To spend 200 dollars for their phone and not be able to use all the features is not good.
    04-20-10 10:48 AM
  2. alextop30's Avatar
    I spent most of the day bugging with this annoying thing and it seems that from time to time it connects to the router and there is internet but for most of the time it shows my network and there is no check mark and the icon is grayed out but it does say the name of my network underneath it. It keeps saying network acquired however the icon is still grayed out.

    Can anyone help me?
    04-20-10 03:06 PM
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    I bought the 9700 in early april...last week rolled around and my wifi began giving me problems...

    Previous to those problems wifi worked great and would connect with my work and home wifi in 30 sec or less...now on either of these networks when i try to connect to them, the SSID will show up appropriately but "wifi" is dimmed and the network connect still says 3G and not UMA with signal strength...if UMA does appear it does it randomly after a long period of time, normally, 15-30 minutes...ideas? this abrupt change seems like it couldve been due to some kinda of broadcasted update? Im currently running version .330 and i am a fairly new BB owner, any help appreciated.

    05-03-10 03:19 PM
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    @Alextop--that kind of sounds like the problem that I'm having. Have you attempted to force a connect through WiFi by shutting down all connections, and then connecting only WiFi? Also, where is the 'preferred wireless' setting? I haven't checked that on mine...
    05-03-10 04:27 PM
  5. alextop30's Avatar
    I resolved the issue by having an epiphany (all by myself). It turns out that having this one application that was not designed for the BB 9700 was hurting my wifi connectivity (or at least that is what I think). The problem was with speedtest.net app which is suppose to boost the traffic on the wifi to test it it. Well I wiped my phone clean - downgraded to the original firmware and than upgraded - I encountered a bug with one of the apps and I was able to go around the bug and remove it. Now I get connect it every time I turn my wifi on and access the browser - my BB immediately switches back to wifi.

    The best advice I can give is - if it says network acquired run your browser and run to maybe 2 or 3 web pages than it should automatically kick in the wifi.

    And yes I tried everything that I could do - shutting all signals rebooting my phone and all kinds of crazy things.

    Ps. After you wipe your phone do not restore from a backup - it will place all the broken apps which might be the problem back on you phone just do a clean start and check it out.
    05-03-10 11:20 PM