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    Upgraded to .975 last night and all went well. However, my CICALs are back in my service book. Before I delete them because they cause synching disasters, please tell me if there is another way.

    I have three email accounts on my BB: @work1.org, @personal.com, & @comcast.net. I only want one calendar though: work1.org and it needs to synch to my desktop/server/outlook/whatever b/c my secretary has access to add/read calendar entries, etc. I like having CICAL because she can email me an appointment, I can accept it on my BB (instead of waiting until I am at the office) and then it will be on my BB and the desktop. But if I put an appointment in the BB it won't appear on the desktop/server/outlook/whatever - I think it won't even if I select @work1.org when I enter the appointment in the BB. So I have to "manually" synch (via USB or whatever to the desktop) to get those things on the desktop/server/outlook/whatever. But when I do that while I have CICALs I get tons of duplicate entries in both places.

    Am I really better off deleting my CICALs & just manually synching every couple days at the office? Is there no better way unless my office goes BES (will never happen)? Why do my I-Phone friends not seem to have this problem? Is it just because they are childless & don't have to worry about kid's doctor appts./school stuff/sports practice making their way on to their work calendar?

    Please advise. Many thanks!
    10-23-10 04:38 PM
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    I use a similar type set up. I believe you must have BES if you want your desktop entries to automatically show up on you BB. If you are on BIS and have outlook on your work computer, the appointments you enter directly into outlook will only be sent to your BB during a sync via USB or bluetooth. Appointments emailed to you will be entered into your BB calendar automatically, then will transfer to Outlook when you do the sync. That is probably why you then see double entries. Sounds like the best option for the secretary would be to not enter any appointments directly into your Outlook, but to email you any new appointments.

    I have multiple CICALs on my BB, but I go into options and make my work email the default calendar for my BB. Even though the other calendars are there nothing ever gets entered to them.

    Hope that helps.
    10-24-10 03:44 PM
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    I'm not sure I have selected a default before. So I have made @work1.org the default for CICAL & CNIME. But a lot of the stuff already on the BB is listed as default or @Comcast.net even if it was originally synched in from @work1.org. If that is the case, won't a new synch will still result in multiple entries. Should I clear the BB before the first synch?

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    10-24-10 06:34 PM
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    I'm not sure how to answer. As long as you are sure all your calendar entries are in Outlook, then I would clear all entries from all calendars on the BB. Make sure your work email is your default, then set your first sync to one way from outlook to your BB. Then sync. All your entries should then be on your BB once. Then change your sync back to two way sync. That is how I do it on mine. Hope it works for you.
    10-24-10 11:57 PM
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    Ok I tried this and I think it worked! Thanks!

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    10-25-10 03:56 PM