1. jasperwill's Avatar
    currently i use a BIS data plan with verizon and would like to try setting up an exchange server at home and running BESx alongside it.

    is there any how-to's or walkthroughs on what i would need to setup this situation???
    preferably for free. i heard that if i get a trial version of exchange i dont need to pay for it because i will just be using it as a test/personal enviorment and not part of any buisness.

    i have moderate technical experience and will be able to figure out most things (like install) myself but the more specific things (like how to make my email address available for people to send mail to me over the internet) im not sure how they work.
    04-17-10 06:39 PM
  2. jasperwill's Avatar
    i would be willing to get all trial versions of software/OS ect. i mostly just want to play with the technology and learn how it works so that i can troubleshoot it and understand how the whole system works better.
    04-17-10 07:05 PM
  3. dkingsf's Avatar
    I already have my own email server (hMailServer) and have downloaded BESx. I have Exchange Server already (I'm in IT in development and there's no license required in Test/DEV environment.

    My question is...

    I'm on my company BES and was wondering if I can be on both. I know I can have GMAIL through BIS as well as my company BES email, not sure if I can run 2 BES to my device.

    Any BES admins out there that might have a clue?
    04-20-10 02:23 PM
  4. jasperwill's Avatar
    from what i have read you can setup BESx as a BIS account on the blackberry so that you dont have to pay the BES data charge. i have also read that you cannot have 2 BES accounts setup on the same BB.
    i would assume based on these two things that you can setup your BB with work BES (BES account) and home BESx (BIS account).
    i may be wrong but as long as you do a full backup of your BB before testing it out i dont see any trouble in trying.
    the worst thing that could happen is verizon would charge you for having the second BES account running right?
    04-20-10 05:49 PM