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    Hey Everyone

    I've ran into a slight issue (well more of an inconvienence) with connecting to my company's WiFi network.

    We utilize 802.1X PEAP authentication on our wireless network and I transferred my user certificate to my blackberry in order to use WiFi. (BTW I'm the one who manages the network).

    I created the WiFI profile and the blackberry has no problems utilizing the certificate or the wifi connection.

    The problem is every time I connect to the wifi network (so pretty much every morning when I walk into work), my blackberry prompts me for my User Password before it connects the wireless network.

    The odd thing is I have both my User Name and User Password saved in the WiFi profile. It never asks me for my username, just my password to connect. I've checked my server logs and it seems it never attempts to use my stored password - it just prompts me every time before I can connect.

    Any Ideas?


    (BTW sorry for the jpeg compression, I used "Capture It" and it looks like the quality isn't the best)
    03-04-09 11:53 PM
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    Just an update: I finally got this to work by removing my wifi profile and certificate and reapplying it. It now no longer asks for a password when connecting.

    I guess this was an issue no one else has experienced before.
    04-04-09 09:19 PM