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    Please help. I've never been able to get my new Blackberry 9650 (Verizon) to work completely with my Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS for phone conversations in the car.

    I've had this Nuvi 760 for many years now and it has worked fine with other Blackberries, iPhones, Motorola smartphones, etc. With the 9650 I do not have any problems pairing and connecting to the Nuvi and I can make outgoing calls just fine. The PROBLEM is when I'm in the car and the phone is paired with the Garmin Nuvi GPS, if I get an incoming call, I see the name of the person come up on the Nuvi caller ID screen and the phone and Nuvi start ringing, but then instantly the Nuvi hangs up on the call and the person calling, before I even get a chance to "answer" it either on the Nuvi screen or on my handset. This completely defeats the usage of my bluetooth in the car with my GPS.

    I contacted Garmin and they walked me through various settings and were not able to help me and just told me that the 9650 is not an approved phone for that device - or any of their newer GPS' either.

    I have never turned off my bluetooth LED indicator so that should not have affect on this.

    My same phone also works fine in my other vehicle (2011 Toyota Sienna with integrated bluetooth) and with a Plantronics bluetooth headset, so I know there is nothing fundamentally wrong with my phone in general - this seems to be a compatibility issue between the phone and the Garmin Nuvi.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Any tips or solutions?


    12-02-10 12:20 AM