1. Brian Westbrook's Avatar
    The other night I dreamed of BB
    An ex-lover from the '90s
    That is the 1990s

    I have no idea what precipitated this dream
    No, none what so ever
    It just happened

    Oh, the dream was so comforting
    So warm
    So vivid
    My senses were rekindled
    My passion for BB was aroused
    Even in this subconscious state

    I can plainly see her
    She is a little older
    But to these older eyes,
    Just as beautiful and capable

    There is no doubt she can hold her own against all of the newcomers
    She is unique appearances and personality

    Maybe best of all, she is (was / perhaps / a possible maybe) Canadian

    When we were both 'in the mood,' she used to love riding on my left hip
    I enjoyed this too

    Two full days have come and gone since that beautiful dream
    I still can't stop thinking about it

    You know, I think
    I will look for BB
    And I know just where
    She will stand out
    Like a BlackBerry should!
    'I am back!'

    You may be surprised
    What a smile will accomplish
    08-25-19 09:25 AM
  2. dangerousfen's Avatar
    What you smokin' man? Can I get some of that please?
    08-25-19 11:48 AM
  3. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Bar keeper.....I'll have what Op's is having, but make it a double....
    08-25-19 08:29 PM

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