1. supertom's Avatar
    Trailer for the The Thinning... general plot is they kill anybody who fails a standardized test

    Passport spotted at 1:30
    Q10 spotted front and center at 1:33

    This movie is set in 2039 and these phones are still being used! They are either super durable or BlackBerry has taken over the FUTURE!! LOL!

    (edit: I just googled it and it looks like this movie came out back in October 2016... Weird how it's showing ads for it on youtube now though.. I saw it for the first time just now)
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    05-07-17 11:42 PM
  2. i_plod_an_dr_void's Avatar
    OMG....it's a film about BlackBerry and bb10 (LOL) a movie quote just before the bb10 Q10 shows up...."There's no way I failed that test!"....(eerily like the rollout of bb10, being a better device platform than the android cartel and apple at the time)
    05-08-17 01:30 AM

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