1. VeGiTo's Avatar
    I think handing out a limited number of BlackBerry 10 Developer's Alpha devices at BlackBerry World in May is a brilliant move, and if executed properly, it is the perfect opportunity for a turnaround in BB's brand perception.

    By keeping the number of Alpha devices very small (2000?), they will create a huge artificial demand if the device is at least half decent.

    If a couple of these get on EBay, there are enough hard core BB fans out there who could bid the device up to thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, simply because there are so few devices out there.

    This in turn would generate quite a buzz around the BB10 devices, which increases the chances of a successful official launch later in the Fall.
    03-30-12 10:36 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Let's just hope it brings devs that haven't came so far.
    03-30-12 11:12 AM
  3. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    i think the dev alpha devices will reveal the resolution of the actual BB10 device. so thats something i looking out for.
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    03-30-12 12:11 PM
  4. AfroZepher's Avatar
    It's interesting just how much wooing RIM is doing for developer attention. . .a large app catalog at BB10 release will be a HUGE selling point. . . public opinion has yet to be swayed but the developers are definitely coming around. . .good show RIM!
    05-14-12 03:28 PM