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    I've noticed my Jawbone Bluetooth isn't holding a charge as well as when I bought it. For the first 6mnths it held a charge just fine. It always had 4 hours. It would stay at 4 hours..even after being off the charger a couple days. Now, its only 2 maybe 3 hours of battery life after a charge. Can the battery in a Bluetooth be changed?? I know battery's loose there charge after awhile, but its only been under a year! Its the Jawbone rouge. Can I replace the battery or do I have to get another. I plan on buying the Bose Bluetooth in 6mnths. I'd like to keep my Jawbone for a second Bluetooth. Is this a problem with bluetooths or Jawbones? I usually don't use bluetooths but, the Jawbone Rouge is a great bluetooth. So light, works perfectly. I just wish the battery wasn't loosing its charge.

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    02-11-11 08:48 PM
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    I've never heard of a Bluetooth device with a user-replaceable battery. I looked at Jawbone's website and can't find any indication that users can replace theirs. They do have a one-year warranty. While battery life is not specifically excluded, I suspect it would be under the general exclusion for normal wear and tear.
    02-12-11 11:25 AM