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    Please be aware of your tone in the forums. Rudeness, and cussing will not be tolerated, period!

    Yes, we want you to communicate and express yourself, but there are ways in which to do so...

    Ps: I've deleted said posts. The reason one has to wait to get to X post before posting links, helps us keep spammers and the likes at bay...
    Enjoy CrackBerry.com

    Which one did you delete? the one that simply stated a feature crackberry.com has that I pointed out as being a BAD one? I was frustrated that because I hadn't yet made 10 whole posts on the forum, it would not allow me to post a LINK! Not cool. I appoligize for using profane language but I knew the site would automatically censor what I said, so I said it anyways. Anyways, wont do it again, please dont hurt me, kthx
    11-08-07 10:52 PM