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    Having now had to re-install about 90 applications TWICE, once due to installationg of a beta that was really an alpha (I was not happy), and once through my own fault in playing with deleting service books, I have noticed that the backup/restore of DM is rather limited.

    It seems that all it will backup/restore is app data, but not the apps themselves. Is this correct? Is there a way to backup everything? I really hate having to reinstall and then move icons around when I think I should be able to backup the entire configuration, apps & data, and then wipe the device and easily restore it.

    Am I missing something?

    04-28-08 01:38 AM
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    I could be wrong, but I don't think there is anyway to have a complete mirror of your phone or even your PC for that matter.
    04-28-08 01:48 AM
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    I saw these instructions in another forum, can't remember which and copied them into a text file not long ago. Maybe it's what you're looking for. I left the OP's sig line so he would get credit for his contribution.

    How To: Backup and Restore All Installed 3rd Party Apps

    Need to wipe your device using javaloader or JL_Cmder but don't want to lose all your 3rd party apps? Backup/Restore in Desktop Manager won't do it. Here is a way to back them up and restore them. Note: It wouldn't be a bad idea to do this on a routine basis just incase your device gives you the unexpected hourglass screen of death requiring you to wipe the device.

    * Download and install the latest version of Desktop Manager 4.2 from here https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/browseSoftware.do

    * Plug in the device and run Desktop Manager.
    * Click on “Switch Device Wizard.”
    * Click on “Switch Blackberry Devices.”
    * Click “Next.”
    * Select USB: Your Pin.
    * Click “Next” and then enter your password if required.
    * Uncheck “User Data and Settings” and “Include Messages” leaving only “Third Party Applications checked.
    * Click “Next.”
    * When it’s finished backing up the apps, DO NOT click “Next” or “Cancel.” Leave that screen as it is and continue these instructions.
    * Search your computer files/folders for a folder labled with your pin number. Be sure and search in hidden and system files. Hint from BBF member NextelUser: Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and type in %temp% to find your temp folder with the folder labeled as your pin number.
    * When you find it copy it to another location.
    * Now go back and “Cancel” the Switch Device Wizard. If you cancel the wizard before copying the folder to another location the folder is automatically emptied.
    * Now wipe your device as desired. Your backup is complete.

    * When the OS has been loaded back to the device run Application Loader again and click on “Add”
    * Browse to the folder you copied with your PIN. Double click on the file named yourpin.alx.
    * This should add all your 3rd party apps to the apploader.
    * Finish the installation to load them to your BB.
    * Restore your personal data using the restore feature in Desktop Manager Backup/Restore

    Note: If you are wiping the device because of a problem this procedure may not be wise to perform because the cause of the trouble could possibly be in one of the 3rd party apps.

    John Clark
    TMo 8320 Curve BES/BIS
    TMo 8100 Pearl
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    Thanks was exactly what I am looking for.

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    04-28-08 10:58 AM
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    One thing before I forget (again); this works quite well with DM ver4.2. With 4.3 it may skip one or two apps.

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    04-28-08 11:23 AM
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    Just wonderful... DM is just the best.
    04-28-08 04:12 PM