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    I have backed up religiously each month since I got a BB a year ago. I now have a 9700. I just realized that when you back up, you don't back up any apps. The reason I wanted to do this was go back and reload an older ver. of my Pandora app. The latest one isn't working right.
    Since BB doesn't back up apps - is there any way to transfer an app from one BB to another? We have a working BB with an older Pandora app (older version) that works fine. That phone is an 8900. Can I transfer an app from an 8900 to my 9700?

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    06-17-10 06:13 PM
  2. nshih422's Avatar

    You should be able to back up and restore onto the new phone. I don't see a reason why you wouldn't be able to. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    06-17-10 06:16 PM
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    Since the cited thread is long, I don't know if BBSAK is mentioned. But it can be used to backup and restore individual cod (application) files.
    06-17-10 07:31 PM