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    I did a back up of my mom's 9780 for a day to a curve to get the Bold fixed and then restored back to the 9780 the next day.

    All went fine, except, no BBM contacts. I went to DM and tried to individually restore just the BBM contact list, but it was greyed out and it said it was read only?

    How can I get it back? Why in the world would they make it read-only? Why would anyone want that? Lol. Anyways I did a full restore again but still no BBM contacts.

    I'd appreciate your help guys! She has some important contacts. Thank you very much.
    05-23-12 03:09 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    I found this in an old thread. Don't know if it still works the same or not.

    If you have a previous backup you can easily restore the BBM contacts from
    there using the advanced restore feature on Desktop Manager.

    Click on the Backup/Restore icon on DM, and then choose the advanced
    option. You'll have to locate where the .ipd backup is. Once you find it a list
    of the titles of the backup content will show in the window. All you need to do
    is select "Blackberry Messenger" and click ">>" and whatever BBM contacts
    were on that backup will now be on your phone.

    Remember, this can only be done if you actually have a previous backup.
    05-23-12 04:37 PM
  3. Starchest's Avatar
    Hey, thank you for your answer. But that was just what I was doing, but the BlackBerry Messenger option is greyed out, others however, like the Address Book, are available for restore.
    05-24-12 03:05 PM
  4. Starchest's Avatar
    Anyone ? She has a really important business contact that she needs to get back!
    05-25-12 11:35 AM
  5. editionfws's Avatar
    If its read-only, could you read the file and get the bb pins out of it and re-add them manually?
    05-25-12 12:26 PM
  6. Starchest's Avatar
    It is a single backup file containing all the information, I don't think I will be able to open it in that manner.

    What I don't get is what is with the read only thing, it has no purpose at all if it can't be even opened, it is completely greyed out with some other options. While Address Book for example, is completely normal.
    05-27-12 03:02 PM
  7. editionfws's Avatar
    I don't understand why it would be a read only file either. I wish I was able to help more, but recovery isn't my area of expertise. Sorrrry. I hope someone can help you out.
    05-27-12 08:31 PM
  8. Starchest's Avatar
    Thank you editionfws, I hope so too!
    05-27-12 10:32 PM
  9. Starchest's Avatar
    05-30-12 11:46 AM
  10. editionfws's Avatar
    Bringing this back up hoping someone can help you.
    05-31-12 04:11 PM
  11. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Do you still have the backup in .ipd format?
    05-31-12 07:38 PM
  12. editionfws's Avatar
    If not, what format is it in?
    05-31-12 10:11 PM