1. ebiii's Avatar
    Is it possible to backup 2 blackberrys to one PC? If so, how do I do it without overwriting one device's data with another?
    04-11-09 07:38 PM
  2. aerophage's Avatar
    Each time you back up your device, it creates a new file. When you connect your berry to DM, it reads the PIN and will recognise it as a different device. So, in short, yes you can.

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    04-11-09 07:51 PM
  3. Heresy's Avatar
    When I do a backup right after hitting the backup button in Desktop Manager I just put my name and leave the rest so it will save like this rob backup (2009-4-9).ipd. This way I can tell the difference between devices since we use four on one pc. Now whether this is a coincidence or not I do not know, but I can use my wifes backup on my device anytime from either of her devices. 8320>8700 or 8700>8320. So thats why I name them.
    04-11-09 08:00 PM
  4. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    I backup both mine and my brothers phone using my desktop. I just save the backup to seperate folders, or rename the file.
    04-11-09 08:01 PM
  5. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I would append the output file name to something that makes
    which backup goes with which device easy to tell at a glance.

    Pearl Backup-(2009-04-11)
    Curve Backup-(2009-04-11)
    04-11-09 08:02 PM
  6. ebiii's Avatar
    This was my first post here. Thanks for all the swift responses. It doesn't hurt that I can do what I wanted to do either.
    04-11-09 08:09 PM