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    Hello All
    I am a new Blackberry user, love the Storm but i am fighting with the following problem:
    I have two email accounts setup with the Internet service tool and am able to send and recieve without problem. The accounts are private and have nothing to do with my exchange account at work.
    However to manage my schedule better i thought it would be a good idea to simply synchronise my storm with my works pc and just get the calendar entries, no need for meeting requests or acknowledgements etc ... simply get the calendar entiries without sending responses to anyone.
    The following happens after synchronising with a meeting request pending in outlook, the request lands in my storm in the defaul calendar which is associated with my private e-mail, an acceptance is the sent to the sender of the request from my private account, which is exactly what i do not want. How can i stop this from happening?
    03-14-09 11:57 AM