1. Phantomlynx's Avatar
    I had a Bold 9000 for over 2 years and have just got the Bold 9780. I'm based in the UK with Vodafone. At home I have one of their SureSignals, their femtocell device that gives you a full 3G signal in poor reception areas by routing your call via the web.

    It is a very useful device and a real boon if you live in the boonies! It isn't up 100% of the time, but certainly more than 95%. I notice that from time-to-time (and I have no idea if it is driven by the femtocell dropping out) my Bold drops the 3G signal and grabs the residual and weaker 2G one.

    I can force it to go back by selecting only 3G in the Mobile Network Operations option, but I don't understand why it keeps happening. It is not a handset issue as I have noted the behaviour on 3 handsets at least.

    Any thoughts or ideas please?
    01-13-11 06:50 AM
  2. lishan's Avatar
    How often does this occur? Everyday? Once a month?
    01-13-11 08:17 PM
  3. Phantomlynx's Avatar
    It can be multiple (3-4?) times a day maybe more. It can even happen mid call
    01-14-11 10:31 AM
  4. lishan's Avatar
    Is it possible that the femtocell device is losing or dropping the connection, I'm assuming without it you would have 2G only. Since this can happen on multiple phones, it would appear that the SureSignal is the culprit. Had this always happened or is this something that began overtime? How long have you had the SureSignal?
    01-15-11 01:45 PM
  5. Phantomlynx's Avatar
    You are right, occasionally it is due to the femtocell dropping out, but other time the BB just switches when there is a valid 3g signal (that is full strength) as opposed to a gprs on of say 2 bars and THAT is what I am asking about.... any clues anyone??
    01-17-11 07:45 AM