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    I have been searching and reading the forums for the past 2 hours or so but I haven't been able to find a thread/post that could answer my question. I'm sorry if it has been asked before and maybe I'm just really bad at using search terms so if this has been answered before I'm terribly sorry in advance!

    While we were looking through photos on my boyfriend's phone that we took together I saw an out of place photo and my boyfriend said that he occassionally sends photos from his old blackberry bold to his new blackberry bold 2 (I'm assuming through bluetooth, but maybe through wifi too) and whenever he receives it his blackberry automatically datestamps the new photos which he received from his old phone with the current date and time (as in the "old" photo will now be treated as if the user had just taken the photo with the actual blackberry and had it timestamped accordingly).

    Now the thing is I'm using the old blackberry bold model and I have tried to recreate this scenario myself through bbm and have been unsuccessful so far so I believe that he used bluetooth. Since I do not have access to the new bold myself I cannot test this out myself (as in transferring files over from an old bold to a new bold) and I have been trying to search for an answer for the past few days and have came up fruitless.

    I'm wondering if theres an option in the new bold to enable this as my boyfriend said he's not sure why his bold does that, but I kind of think hes lying because he first said that his ex had sent that photo to him and that the photo was taken a long time ago and then changed his story when I said I didn't believe him because of the timestamp.

    Just giving some background information so I don't leave anything out, I would appreciate it very much if anyone could tell me how you can automatically date and time stamp an incoming photo from another phone (as if you were taking a new photo).

    Thanks a bunch!!
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