08-06-08 12:39 PM
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  1. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Starting at 12:00am Will kick off National Pull your Battery Day.

    So if you have never Pull your Battery. Do it. I might speed up your blackberry or maybe help clean up some lag you may be having but your a newbie and not really sure how to fix it....

    For use hardcore Guru's we will hopefully achieve better satisfactory or knowing we rebooted our phones and they will run allot better from now on....
    (We all know we will have to do battery pulls again and again) but let's says it's a all out spring clean Reboot of our Blackberries!!!!!!

    So who's with me
    I am with you buddy. Great idea.
    08-05-08 09:21 AM
  2. jknotzke's Avatar
    Oops, I totally misread that. I thought it said "Pull your goalie day".

    Oh well. I guess I can pull the battery too. ;-)

    08-05-08 09:21 AM
  3. mlfdco3's Avatar
    I pulled it out because whatever is good for my BlackBerry is good for me.
    08-05-08 09:22 AM
  4. vlalra's Avatar
    Cool well i have pulled it and I even put back in!!
    08-05-08 09:30 AM
  5. Diamond104's Avatar
    Pulled it out and now me and my berry are both running smooth!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-05-08 09:37 AM
  6. cadora's Avatar
    i usually just do a soft reset.... but i done pulled out for the celebration.
    08-05-08 09:42 AM
  7. Phelos's Avatar
    Pulled it first thing this morning, as I usually do to ensure a stress free on my Berry.
    08-05-08 09:50 AM
  8. igarcia83's Avatar
    I feel so much beter after pulling my battery you have no idea!
    08-05-08 09:51 AM
  9. sam123gil's Avatar
    Ha i got you i started on the 4th, but can lend a hand on the 5th. I love my berry and am willing to share in this day.
    08-05-08 09:51 AM
  10. dcarryer's Avatar
    I did it. Now when is "National Put your Battery Back-in Day"?

    08-05-08 09:53 AM
  11. mstiffany7's Avatar
    I pulled it out today!!
    08-05-08 09:53 AM
  12. vzwty's Avatar
    My wife read this with me and said, "are they really serious?" Yes honey this is A BIG DEAL! I then proceeded to do a soft reset..lol
    08-05-08 10:13 AM
  13. Alienwhere's Avatar
    Man, I pull this thing constantly. Mostly cuz I'm always trying new junk and deciding I don't want it.

    I'm wondering what Patrick meant by all that jazz about it being harmful. Surely if it was, we'd need National Send Your Berry Back To RIM For Service Day, right?
    08-05-08 10:13 AM
  14. exelant's Avatar
    I recently did the search for Patrick's comments about battery pulls, and then had a conversation with CB friends about them. While I may not be convinced that one should never pull one's battery, I have been experimenting with memory management without bat pulls since my upgrade to .69.

    I have relaxed a little, and only check free memory once a day - in the morning when I get up. I have noticed that my free memory after clearing my browser cache, running the memory cleaner utility, and doing a reset is right at 27.3 mb. Over a 24 hour period, I've found my free mem will drop between 2 and 5 mb - usually closer to 2 mb with .69. I do the above steps each morning and forget about memory.

    I have found that my method works very well for me. So far I have not had any issues with free memory because my berry is very consistent with how much it drops each day. It is nice not to worry so much about it. I am not going to say to never pull your battery because there are times that you have to pull it - like when your device locks up or is running slow. I don't think a battery pull hurts anything at all and it will help someone who doesn't do routine maintenance like I do. However mine hasn't locked up since my upgrade.

    That's my 0.02 cents.

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    08-05-08 10:15 AM
  15. Click's Avatar
    Did my battery pull for the day!!! Great thread!!! Thumbs up to Yester!!!
    08-05-08 10:16 AM
  16. aaiken721's Avatar
    normally do this and the alt LGLG trick on thursdays, but it can't hurt to do it today as well. battery pulled.
    08-05-08 10:16 AM
  17. randall2580's Avatar
    we can pull the battery

    we can make it better than it was



    08-05-08 10:23 AM
  18. Count Cracula's Avatar
    Just did a double soft reset AND a battery pull right here at work! What a rush!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-05-08 10:31 AM
  19. cuban_dudeca's Avatar
    ok just pulled out...the battery that is. I have soft reset but did the battery pull to celebrate.

    Just incase your wondering where to get soft reset at here you go geek and proud - BlackBerry Software. Beats pulling the battery out everytime. You can download it OTA as well.
    08-05-08 10:33 AM
  20. daglamdiva's Avatar
    In honor of National Pull your Battery Day...Battery Pull I did!!!

    Running smooth
    08-05-08 10:33 AM
  21. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Thanks for the link....
    I agree. Fabolous idea. Thanks for the other link however. No wonder you are a CB Genius.
    You're Welcome Guys!!

    I remember it took me foooorever to find that information the first time I searched for it, so I subscribed to the thread so I could keep it as a reference.
    08-05-08 10:36 AM
  22. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    In honor of National Pull your Battery Day...Battery Pull I did!!!

    Running smooth

    Everyone is doing Yodaspeak lately. I feel left out.
    08-05-08 10:40 AM
  23. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    You're Welcome Guys!!

    I remember it took me foooorever to find that information the first time I searched for it, so I subscribed to the thread so I could keep it as a reference.
    Another good idea. Thanks again.
    08-05-08 10:41 AM
  24. bitemark's Avatar
    Was at 22megs free before, it looks like 5 days since my last pull, but what the ****...

    Afterwards, 24.4megs free. Running
    08-05-08 10:46 AM
  25. mcontuzzi's Avatar
    Nice just made my contribution to the day
    08-05-08 10:49 AM
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